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How do you add the default colors in Button module?

I was working on a site which have same color of button on lot of pages. By default button module have blank color under style->color section. So every time I was setting the color and it was very frustrated work for me. Therefore I can create a general template and add the button module there. But I did not want it. So I used some custom code and solved it. For client site button’s color…

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Adding Background Color Field into Heading Module

Trying to add an new custom field into BB’s existing module. I’m giving an example here. I’m adding the background color under style tab of Heading module. Step 1: Registering new field into form BB plugin have a filter to add the custom field(s) into existing form. I targeted that filter (fl_builder_register_settings_form) and add these snippets into functions.php file of my child theme.

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Adding Post Attributes into Beaver Themer Layout (Alpha)

NOTE: This tutorial is for Beaver Builder theme only. We already knew that Beaver Builder team released the Theme Builder Alpha for testing and all are playing with it now. Some of them already posted some issues/bugs or provided the feedback/suggestion here. I am also tested this add-on and really liked their current functionality. BB’s Team did a great job for us. When I used the Theme builder, I am getting the full width layout.…